Pamela McKinney

CEO, Designer

I am the creator, designer and owner of Pamela McKinney Jewelry. My journey as a jewelry maker started when I was in high school with a want for professional grade jewelry with specific designs in mind and a certain level of quality. I gravitated towards the feel and beauty of semi precious gemstones and from there the real passion began. I was only making these pieces and designs for myself, it wasn't until the amazing positive feedback I would get nearly every time I wore a new design that I thought I could start something like this. Starting off with just the idea, the help of the people around me and in my life is what pushed me to achieve this goal. I love doing this as a hobby and I hope my care for what I do comes through in this company and product for valued customers. 

Values and Passion for Quality


My greatest care is for you, the customer. You are the first priority and want each and every customer to feel important with the easiest, happiest experience possibly. I have always believed that quality products don't have to be expensive or priced high through a big name. This belief is what caused my first piece to be designed. I would like to carry on this passion for quality in everything that I produce for Pamela McKinney Jewelry. I thoroughly test every design I make.  Every piece is duplicated exactly as I would sell to you. I wear it through rigorous activities through extended periods of time so you get the best quality product regardless of what you will wear it for. All my jewelry is made with real semi-precious gemstones as described in each item. All fittings are stainless steel pieces, for the best prevention from tarnishing, corrosion, or any skin irritations. As these items are hand made I know there are imperfections that may arise. I understand there are things the customer may see from this they would like different and I would like to make the correction process as smooth as possible with great communications. Having you happy with my product is the first and only goal.